• One central location for all applications

    Posting a job without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  is not only daunting but it is also risky. You run the possibility of the perfect candidate slipping through the cracks. HireLocker will accept all applications and organise them for you to review. No more inbox chaos!

  • Manage the recruitment process

    Creating the job,receiving and screening applicants, sorting candidates, sending rejection letters, offering jobs to successful candidates, Hirelocker will manage the recruitment process for you.

  • Powerful candidate search feature

    You saw a CV that was really interesting but can’t remember the name. Trying to find that candidate for further review is simple, just search for what you do remember. HireLocker will find the candidate you are looking for!

  • Empowers social referral

    HireLocker makes it simple to share vacancies across social media. If you want to incentivise your current employees to actively find talent, HireLocker tracks and reports where applications come from. This give you the ability to recognise what employee have brought you a successful candidate.

  • Pre-screen candidates

    When you have a vacancy that requires a visa, or a certain skill set or qualification, HireLocker will pre-screen your applicants and only show you candidates that meet the criteria for application.

  • Reads all CV formats

    CVs arrive in different formats: PDF, RTF, ODC. You may have had to google what program you need just to read the CV. HireLocker will do all the hard work for by converting any file type into a PDF and display the Candidate’s CV.

  • Onboarding to HRLocker

    Once you have chosen your successful candidate, merge their details into HRLocker with the click of a button.

  • Create your own careers page

    Now you have the facility to create your own jobs page on your own website. You can advertise all your vacant jobs and accept applications through your website.

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